We lift up Chattanooga’s overlooked youth.


Crisis Intervention

Removing immediate barriers to long-term success

· Violence prevention, addiction recovery

· Transportation, housing 



Connecting youths with growth opportunities 

through relationship-building and character development

  • Spiritual Development (Connecting youths to God through discipleship and Bible study)
  • Academic Support (Connecting youths to educational opportunities through advocacy, tutoring, and college & career planning)
  • Employment Coaching (Connecting youths to jobs and careers through help with applications, interviews, networking, job skills)



Catalyzing resources, support & social capital

· Strategic partnerships with 

schools, churches, agencies, and businesses

Helping Young People Hang On

No matter what sort of valley they face, no matter how big the obstacle, 

no matter how uneven the ground, no matter how rough the terrain, 

we teach them to Hang On to the goodness and greatness of God. 

Then watch Him show everyone His glory.